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  1. Kokpar Wohwoh

    Dear Sir/ Madam:

    I have been following your contributions in Liberia, and I am highly impressed with the level of contributions thus far. The notion that your organization has done nothing for our people as been disseminated remains untrue.

    I am from Bannie Sayeboe town, Gbaryah Clan, District Three C, Grand Bassa County, and a resident of Kansas City, Missouri.

    I am currently, running a Bassa program on Facebook which is being relayed on Magic FM in Buchanan. The program is named and styled the “Bassa People Premier program” Our aims are: a) to bridge of communication between the Bassa People in Liberia in Bassa people in the diaspora; b) To help preserve the Bassa people culture, norms, and values, c) to promote coexisting and cement the traditional connections with other tribes.

    During our last discussion on Magic FM in Buchanan focusing why is Grand Bassa County undeveloped? The community residents who spoke on the talk show in Buchanan said, the political division between our two political leaders from Bassa has caused a serious division among our people. Some have asked for an urgent resolution of the bitter conflict. Nearly all the callers said that the political division has cut Bassa into halves, and has further disintegrated families, friends, homes, towns villages, and the districts.

    Although our program continues for another more week to obtain additional views from our people, we saw it fit to bring this to your attention as the biggest organization in the Diaspora.

    This conflict has the propensity to affect our children and the generations unborn if not checked.

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